Thoughts and feelings

I wonder… how life can be easier? How people can enjoy more this amazing experience on Earth? How can we help more each other without giving away our on responsibilities, without projecting our troubles on others that we love?

I now life is challenging. I know that nobody knows what it is to be in someone´s shoes… but we are here together. We know what make us humans, so why are we so apart? Why we allow fear conquer our life and make us become less listeners, less caring, less faithful?

In each life, in each heart rests a seed of peace. It is the grace of the HEART. The possibility of each one of us be courageous to listen it and to take care of it and to make what need to be made to fix, to bring peace and simplicity in whatever we can.

I wish peace and love to all humankind. I wish that the good people learn how to take care firstly of themselves and the be solicitous about taking care of others. I wish that balance and peace can come to each one´s life and with that vibration, heart and soul can open to the infinite possibilities that life bring us. I wish that humanity simplify and don´t complicate, because the complexity and depth of life is itself so graceful that we need to practice just be resonating in that place, without complicate. Think wisely, respect our space, limits and inner intuition, and be open, grounded and confident. I wish we are more mature because humanity is here, on this amazing home called Earth, for a while..

Peace, light and love to all.

Freedom in our hearts and wings open in our souls.

Enjoying… deeply.

And resting on a lotus flower contemplating for a while this amazing journey.

I love you all.



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